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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

The Car Wash


Get your car squeaky clean and do your bit for your City


The Car Wash was established in 2012. Here, your car will be exclusively dry-washed by people who have been through our training course and your continuous support sustains our integrated social care programmes for the homeless and unemployed.

As of February 2017, dry washes will replace our Executive and Wash and Go options. Prices from R 120 (depending on the vehicle size)

How are we saving water at The Carpenter’s Shop?

We are acutely aware of the severe drought our country is facing. We would  like to share how we are doing our bit for the City:


  1. An average car wash uses 20-30 litres of water per car. However, due to the exclusive use of our high pressure hose we use only 5 litres of water per car.


  1. At present, 15 % of our car washes are using the waterless dry chemical method which uses a no water per car. We are increasing this number by educating the public about the water saving benefit of a dry car wash.


  1. We fall within the regulations set out for Commercial Car Washes in the Municipality of Cape Town


  1. All showers at our ablutions and in our second-phase shelter are fitted with low flow shower heads.


  1. As of 1 February, our ablutions have been open three days a week as opposed to five to reduce the amount of water used. On the days the ablutions are not open, we will offer water in hand basins for our clients.


  1. Gardens at our premises are predominantly ‘water-wise’ and we only make use of grey water for our garden.



Get your car booked in for a makeover by emailing

PRICE LIST as of July 2017

Service Description Price (inclusive VAT) R’s Price (inclusive VAT) R’s
Standard Vehicle Large Vehicle
Mini valet WashVacuum,Silicon dress tyres

Clean interior and silicon dress

Steam clean interior

370 420
Full valet WashVacuum,Silicon dress tyres

Clean interior and silicon dress

Steam clean interior

Full vehicle polish.

600 650
Engine cleaning Chemical wash, high pressure clean engine 180 180
Seat steam cleaning Steam clean seats only 300
Leather treatment Clean and leather treat seats 220 220
Speed wax High definition wax(CARNAUBA) 185 220
Exterior polish 2 stage exterior compound with glaze coat 280 320
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