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Our services run deep and are backed by over ten years of experience.

What We Do

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Social Care

Our Social Care services has grown exponentially. Our ablutions and laundry facility operates 5 days per week and has become an essential health and hygiene proposition to dozens of people living on our city’s streets. Our weekly primary health care clinic provides dignified and professional care for up to 80 homeless individuals each week, and our recently launched monthly specialized health care clinic provides:
• advisory services
• screening tests
• counseling
• limited treatment

Specialised health care includes screening for, amongst others, dread disease and reproductive health.

Skills development

We believe that all people should have the opportunity to work and experience the dignity of supporting themselves and their families. This is facilitated by our comprehensive on demand industry-driven vocational training with as strong focus on: • job readiness • life skills • computer literacy • financial literacy • intensive social care Our holistic approach to training has been effective, empowering and improved our clients well being and access to employment. 

To enhance personal and professional growth of our clients, The Carpenter’s Shop offers extensive training in life skills, interpersonal development and work readiness. TCS currently runs a Small Business Ownership course in Car washing with the aim of setting up unemployed people in their own car wash businesses and earning a minimum of
R 3500 per month.

Our Social Enterprises

In addition to leasing portions of our premises and providing business centre services, we are delighted that our Social Enterprise Initiative, The Car Wash, established in 2013, more than doubled its daily turnover compared to 1 year ago and we are optimistic about its continued growth. Operations at the Carpentry Training Workshop - that spurred the establishment of The Carpenter’s Shop at its inception and has been its fundamental training offering - was suspended in 2015 as it was no longer sustainable. It is currently being used to provide specialist woodwork and repair services to the public. With further reference to Skills Development The Car Wash also serves as a training center for some of our clients - some of whom later leave us to take up permanent employment in the auto valet sector, while others have become self-employed by starting their own micro enterprises in the same or similar field. During 2016, and in an effort to promote micro enterprise development, we trained 21 learners in our car wash self-employment programme, most of whom recently graduated and are now setting out on their respective paths of self-employment.

Accommodation and housing

Our 2nd phase shelter, Geoff Burton House (GBH), continues to provide short-term accommodation and social care for up to 40 vulnerable individuals. This facility serves men who are recently employed, able to leave street living, pay a nominal fee for accommodation and who are on the road to reintegration. We are currently investigating expansion plans to add another level to GBH, which will house an additional 24 men. 

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